The Periodic Table of Beer Styles on Amazon. Designed by Mantis Design. We’ve got a few nice beer posters up at home, but this one is as functional as it is geeky. Not only can one easily see the relationship between different styles of beer but they also have detailed information like range of ABV, IBU, even original gravity and final gravity. A great wall hanging for beer geeks, home-brewers, and newbies alike.




Not So Rad

Is it gauche to drink Radler after Labor Day? Is that some sort of faux pas like socks and sandals? It was warm again this weekend, and Stiegl was on sale, so Sarah and I cracked open a few grapefruit infused lagers. 

Infused is not the word. Radler (slang for bicyclist) is a mixture of 40% Stiegl lager and 60% grapefruit flavored soda. It’s watered down to about two and a half percent alcohol.

Stiegl Radler is interesting at first. You taste the bright citrus from the soda and only a hint of malty sweetness. It’s refreshing. But then you reach about the halfway point and it just tastes like soda — syrupy sweet, artificial soda. I could barely finish my glass, and I think I ended up drain pouring Sarah’s dregs. 

I understand the appeal for the uninitiated beer drinker. Radlers have been super popular at bars this summer, but I think I prefer my beer unadulterated.

This was my exact experience with Stiegl Radler. Initially, yes, its refreshing and sweet. However, halfway through the can it became overwhelmingly unnatural and sickly syrupy, especially compared to radlers I’ve had that use real fruit soda, without corn syrup.

YES. I like the idea of this drink way more than I like the actual experience of drinking it.

Jack D'Or at the 2014 Beer Bloggers Conference


Jack D’Or is back and with a fresh new label! Last month I brought Jack D’Or with me to San Diego for the 2014 Beer Bloggers Conference. This delicious gem is brewed by Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project in MA and was the perfect beer to show off what MA has to offer to the craft beer world….

We’re really hoping to finally attend next year. Didn’t know you were based in MA, its kinda our second home!