The Hobbit movie themed beers are coming soon to the Pacific North West. According to reps from distributor Bev-Link they will expand distribution to the rest of the West Coast soon thereafter with no plans for a wider release. Brewed by Fish Brewing Company, an Olympia, WA brewery with several GABF wins under their belt. 

However potentially delicious these beers may be, their labels are kind of ugly. I would be much more interested in trying these if they felt less like a cheap marketing tie-in. They’re a bit homogenous, rather expected, which is the exact opposite of what a fantasy-adventure themed beverage ought to communicate.

If these pursued an aesthetic closer to the wonderful Ommegang Game of Thrones bottle series I’d be much more invested in seeking them out. Granted, the Hobbit movies haven’t exactly been subtle up to this point either (but don’t get me started on that never-ending tangent…seriously I’ll talk your ears off).

Gollum Precious Pils - Imperial Pilsner with Northwest hops - 9.5% abv

Bolg Belgian Style Tripel - 9.5% abv

Smaug Stout - Imperial Stout with chili pepper - 9.5% abv

Craft Beer and Alcohol Abuse

The world lost an awesome person yesterday. Robin Williams struggled with substance abuse his entire life, and by his own comedic admissions did so to drown out the sadness that eventually overtook him (he specifically joked about the cycle of abuse in A Night At the Met)

If you struggle with substance abuse please seek help. Tell a friend, tell a family member, but first unfollow us. The last thing we want to be is someone’s temptation to return to abusing alcohol. Beer is itself a wonderful thing, and craft beer is exciting to talk about, but for some it is one of many keys which unlocks demons one cannot hope to fight alone. -

Tomorrow we’ll return to fun posts about craft beer and brewing, but today we’d like to do the unpopular thing and abstain in deference to those for whom alcohol is a temptation.

A Layman’s Adventures in Home Brewing - Part 1

Surely there is something magical and perhaps even alchemic in having a bubbling substance sitting in one’s closet slowly transforming into an alcoholic beverage. Home brewing certainly has its taxing moments but oh what wonderful rewards are reaped from our labors.

I’ve waited a little while before posting about my first attempt at home brewing both beer and cider because, at least initially, I was rather disappointed with my first foray. But for all of their inconsistencies I have enjoyed drinking both brews, perhaps partially in savoring the knowledge that this beverage was formed by my own hard work and patience, and is a foretaste of further adventure and exploration to come.

Plus, they sure photograph pretty.

I’ll be following up soon with a series of posts detailing some of the processes I’ve used as well as focusing on the individual brews themselves. I’ll also be making a post about the story behind the name we’ve settled on for our brewing efforts, Gunnstock Brewing Company. Stay tuned!

- Zach



Sierra Nevada Beer Camp Pack. Anyone try any of these yet? I can get a case of these (2 of each) for about $38. Seems steep, but I can say I haven’t had any of these and it might be worth it!

As far as I know, these should be available coast-to-coast.

Signal boost because delicious. Just look at all those amazing breweries! We’ll be keeping an eye out for these! Plus, correct me if I’m wrong, but There and Back may be the only New Glarus beer commercially available outside of WI.